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Computer Art

In his later years, George "turned to non-verbal uses of the computer". Specifically, he used his Amiga to create computer art.

This is what he said about it in a letter to the department chair in 1990:

"I have turned to non-verbal uses of the computer, and have made a display of computer "art". The quotes are obligatory, for the result of my efforts is not to create important art but to show that this activity is fun, much as the creation of computers was fifty years ago."

His daughter has generously given the department George's floppy disks with his original artwork on them. They were done on an Amiga and we have spent quite some effort in converting them to a readable format (as we lack an Amiga).

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barberry cardinal cheeses daffodils dance9
Barberry Cardinal Cheeses Daffodils Dance 9
danceb4 danceb8 deep snow den dog
Dance b4 Dance b8 Deep Snow Den Dog
dogheckel einstein ensemble2 fall flowers and girl
dogHeckel Einstein Ensemble Fall Flowers and Girl

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